Wednesday, 5 March 2014

From Humble Beginnings to Humble Sky...

To create a picture with no skill, is a hard fight to war
To envision a face and their inside fear, when before, never saw
With words that paint, click and line 
When reach the ear, all is fine

Although Humble Sky was recorded 13 months ago! Can you believe, its been a huge feat that the we conquered by ourselves and few few close allies.
Until this summer we were totally alone in the music world, scratching our heads as to how we can release what we knew was a great body of songs, more commonly known as an album. How much longer the album lasts will be a test to the speed of the digital age.

Even the cat is shocked, how long it't taken!

Now, with a week to go and the reviews trickling through....Duh yeah we knew this was a great album and we have grown as songwriters and musicians, blah blah. Frustrating when you tell someone something and they don't listen ins't it?
Anyway, we are in the process of writing the third Bleech offerings and things are seeming beautifully organic and groovy at the moment, but that's for a future blog.

Sorry it has been a while since my last post, we have been (as I am sure you know) busy making teaser videos and full on official videos, to build up to Humble Sky.
Last year I think we toured twice in France our own headline shows and drove over nearly every weekend in the summer to play festivals. Giving us a nice live experience on big stages so that this year we are opening the main stage at Deer Shed Festival in North Yorkshire and lots more to come.

So as I said, things started to fall in place in the summer of 2013. We joined a new management company and are now in the safe hands of a lovely duo who also manage the likes of The Ravonettes and Dum Dum

So this feels like our debut album really even though 'Nude' was great in it's own right...Humble Sky has more depth, more interesting arrangements and a greater idea of where we are live.

Is everyone going to be pissed of if we do a Radiohead and play no old songs live? can post your comments below ;)
UK tour and first big EU tour announced below. Tickets are selling nicely, which makes us feel guys wanna see us again! This time bring your friends and we'll have a beer and a catch up. It feels like it's been a while UK...

The last time we played Switzerland we had a bit of trouble getting into the country, you know it's scary that swab they run over your palms...yeah you have no idea what stays in your blood stream and they can Matt! So with our EU tour starting in Amsterdam, we may not reach the last gig.
Very exciting to be playing in cities such as Copenhagen and Vienna. It's very much a privilege getting to visit these places doing the thing you love most. I hope its something we don't one day take for granted. I wonder if Coldplay look out their hotel windows overlooking the Eiffel Tower. Gwyneth to Chris "Hey Hubby where are you now, I'm just doing my Pilate's" Chis - "Urgh, I dunno, oh there's that big tower blocking my view again, just three more nights at the Zenith to go and i'll be back with you baby".
Hahaha I'm being very judgmental assuming they do Pilate's...

So yeah, thanks for sticking by us and to those who pre-ordered the album. You guys rock a little bit more.
It's nice seeing some familiar faces on Facebook and we have had some lovely personal messages from a few with very kind words full of encouragement. 
You know you can always feel free to drop us emails at We don't find it creepy, unless your email is creepy in which we most likely won't reply.

I hate to end on a plug...all bands seem to do is sell you things right?..."buy buy buy" our band are the best!
Well this is more of a passing comment, if you fancy purchasing the record you can head over to iTunes....but no pressure. When you don't know the words to the new songs at the gig, no-one will judge you. Honestly.

Peace and Love homies....see you on the road

Jen x

09 New Inn, Par, UK
10 Moles, Bath, UK 
11 Thekla, Bristol, UK
12 The Moon Club, Cardiff, UK
15 Portland Arms, Cambridge, UK
16 Greystones, Sheffeild, UK
18 Red Rooms, Nottingham, UK
19 Stockton Calling, Stockton-On-Tees, UK
24 Korova Liverpool, UK
25 PJ Molloys Dunfermline, UK
26 Tunnels Aberdeen, UK
27 Hootenanny Inverness, UK
29 King Tut's Glasgow, UK
30 Buskers Dundee, UK

01 Think Tank Newcastle, UK
06 Hope, Brighton, UK

Monday, 16 December 2013

Beryl Sessions 1-6

Here I Am
Taking Over
Easy Ride
Because (The Beatles Cover)
Old Man (Neil Young Cover)

Sunday, 24 November 2013


Here I Am EP - The making and meaning of

Track listing:

Here I Am
70’s Child
Taking Over

Released 25th Nov 2013

iTunes -
Bandcamp -

So as a build up to the release of Humble Sky early next year, we decided to release a kind of EP/Maxi single.
This release is probable the last ‘punk’ type of release we will do.
Apart from ‘Girl’ this EP is a rock out type of ting.
Humble Sky moves into a much more mature solid set of songs that feel are like a step forward. So, even though these are good old fahioned live favourites, the Here I Am EP felt like the right stepping stone to branch Nude to Humble Sky.

‘Here I Am’, the second single from Humble Sky, is certainly the riffy-est song we have written yet and the lyrics take a darker turn in which the HS album follows suit. It’s durdgy and nasty with a big open chorus. Matt came up with the riff and we were like yeah that’s fat. I wanted to write a chorus with sparse guitar part and a soaring vocal so thats what I did. Katherine wanted to add harmonies under the lead vocals to get that haunting feeling so she did. Its the sort of song that creeps up behind you in the dark, then takes you for all you got.

Here I Am, moves underground
Raging fists, twists the sound
Your sinking ship, i’ll kiss your lips
Hold my hand, the best place to stand.

So Here I Am

Here I Am, your little girl
Standing tall, give us a twirl
Bite your teeth, eyes dance with greed
Hold my hand, the best place to stand

So Here I Am
Letitng it all, letting it all hang out
Don’t stop, don’t stop till i’m dead
Then you come around with an aching head
And I will find you and i’ll get you, in the end

Looking at the years past looking at the years
There’s one for all and then you let them all go down. 

70’s Child is more tongue and cheek. It’s a feel good song, with a hats of to T-Rex because Marc Bolan is the man. We had fun recording this song, its kind of got a mod feel that we could have taken much further lyrically and melodically but we aren’t mod so. But there are a lot of 60’s mod bands that we grew up listening to that went into this track. The Kinks, The Small Faces, and obviously The Who. I mean why else would we play Hiwatt!
70’s Child is British song. British lyrics and British attitude. I had a picture of a kid at school in 2013 wearing flares and listening to these bands and his name was there from the start. Tony was an odd ball that didn’t fit in because he is 40 years too late and he needed a song written about him. If there was a sepia button in pro-tools it would be on full.

Tony’s a weirdo, he thinks he’s born in ’57 or something
With all the big kids driving VW campers.
He thinks he’s cool, I said “its old skool” he said “Oh well whatever then”

“I’ll pay the price, of living the life of a 70’s Child”

He listens to T-Rex, he thinks their cosmic man
I said I agree I mean, he’s got a point
But there’s no way of knowing, if he’ll ever come back
To the time to the world in which we’re living in
Tony’s a weirdo, he thinks he’s born in ’57 or something
With all the big kids driving beatles and mopheads
He thinks he’s cool, I said “its old skool” he said “Oh well whatever then”

And it’s the sweetest thing you do
Like when one and one are two
They all laugh and call you names
Cos they all think that your insane.

‘Girl’, for Rosie our friend x

And this girl, has gone away
And taken with her time, to grow old

“I, wanna see the world, from heavens gates”

Oh sweetheart
Oh sleep tight 


‘Taking Over’, “they say we need a revolution, well you know”. There are too many things wrong with western society, no we aren’t Russell Brand yet with all the long words and I have been a drug addict story, although he has a point. I wouldn’t not vote, i’d spoil my ballot because that counts on ‘paper’. They know your saying I don’t agree with any of you. Too many women died for us to get the vote, it would feel like a waste of time. “Looking at the lives on the other side of the world through a screen thats bitter clean, it’s obscene”. Maybe instead of watching X-Factor and playing X-Box young people could make a difference these days.

Oh, yeah we’re taking it over.

Waiting for you to follow me, waiting for the parting of the seas, follow me
Blink and its gone, out of sight, keep your eyes wide shut through the night, and daylight

Watching other lives on the other side, of the world through a screen, thats bitter clean, its obscene.
Let’s start a war worth fighting for, i’ll lead you through the street of the east end or I’ll fall

Going to a party, flying now you get scared
Tell them like you mean it, tell them like you ever cared
Out of sight, Out of mind

Looking through the lens to the greater Queen
Find your horse and men and set them free

Oh, yeah we’re taking it over

So I hope you enjoy the EP, according to Geri Halliwell's last release we only need to sell 400 copies in the first week to make the top 100…


Humble Sky out early 2014 - spoiler below.....

Track Listing*:

Not Like You
I Just Want You
Love Is Free
Here I Am
Light Up The World
Marching Song
Easy Ride

*order may change ;)

All photos by Jordan Curtis Hughes

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


In a little local church of ours in Aldersbrook, a very rock n roll vicar allowed us to bring in a drumkit and 2 massive amps and record a live version of 'Not Like You'

Video - Caitlin Mogridge & Aaron Leppard
Audio - Kieran LeBram
Mixed - Dave Gravy (GTA)